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The Bothy!

Following a catalogue of disasters where I truly believed I had invested every penny I had and was able to borrow.

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A Wee Accident

It takes a long time to record an audiobook and it goes through a few processes before it reaches Amazon Audible.

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Home Office

What is it about working at home that people who go out to work or elderly relatives just cannot get to grips with?

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The late not so great Angela Ness

The horror of being late for an important freelance job is a nightmare you can't wake from.

No matter how many times

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Christmas Drama!

Hello Angela
We are a company in France – we are very grumpy but we like your voice and so we would like to use you to

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No I in Team

'Excuse me I think you’ll find I’m a high powered business woman!'

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Smiley Face.

Since the start of my freelancing career, I have made some new best friends. Me and my pals have common interests.

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Accent on deadlines!

Have you ever had that classic stress dream of being naked in a public place?

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For The Good of Our Voicing Community

Maybe I should get with the programme and learn that not everyone understands my sense of humour.

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Multiple Personality Crisis

It's been a while but hopefully my crowd of adoring followers will be nawt but grateful for my return.

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