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How To Guide for Accents

Accents for idiots!

When you’re recording audio books and the like it is not unusual to come across a new accent or maybe you need to remind yourself about an accent. While performing this task normally you would be preparing to read and record a book. The books usually have quite tight deadlines so to remain focused and learn your new accent or revise an old one is very important.

So this week the accent has been Russian.

You Tube is an amazing mine of information, God knows how we ever managed without it! So let’s Google Russian – notebook and pen at the ready for handy tips on ‘How to speak English with a Russian accent’….and sustain it for a ten hour recording - at least 20 hours of work... or several weeks if you’re me.

So let’s see, this turns into something like a Tinder search…

I don’t like him he’s annoying. She’s too shrieky… Oh she’s funny – I’ll listen to her. Ha ha. Let’s try a quick…Hmm needs a bit more.

Top Tip! I sometimes find it easier to pick up an accent by listening to someone imitating one. Oh what was that TV programme – Oh yeah – Killing Eve …what time is it? Oh it’s only 10 that’s fine loads of time.


God – she’s good. Not quite sure I have it yet, better watch episode 2 just to make sure. What time is it? Oh for Gods sake – right cup of coffee and then I’ll practise and get on. Cup of coffee two big glasses of water to counteract the dehydrating effects of the coffee and better get on. Oh I’d love to watch episode three…. No you will not! Get on with your work you can watch it tonight.

Ok – I’ll just go to the loo. On the way back I’d better just flick the news on see what Harry and Meghan have said now... and practice posh accent and American at the same time!

Ok I’ll just get on with it – practice Russian accent – not bad if I do say so myself. Carry on with the book.

Oh no! Cumbrian accent – didn’t note that one. How do you do that again? – Better Google it. Oh look at this man in a Whitehaven street with very strong Cumbrian accent, no teeth and questionable intellect being asked about Brexit!

Ok better get on – what time is it? Ok will just record until lunchtime and then I’d better push straight on through until 6 with a couple of short breaks.

Once upon a time – grumble.... What already? Ok better go and have lunch to stop the free sound effects.

Oh everyone deserves a lunch break – just quickly watch a bit of that 3rd episode of Killing Eve for the accent research and then I’ll work to 7. I’m such a grafter.

What time is it? Bloody half past 3! Right. You have just lost most of the day and now you’re going to have to work over the weekend to catch up! What are you playing at?

Oh here’s a character with a new accent – a Highland one…Oh I’ve got that already.

☹ Tired now.

That is your ‘How to Guide to Accents’

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