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Putting Words Into My Mouth Your Honour

Who does that thing where they’ve heard a word but for some reason you’ve never said or had occasion to spell it?

Only me?....Cool.
So the word is TRIBUNAL. That place of justice. I might have said it and people might have just accepted I’m a simpleton and smiled thinking ‘Oh bless’….
I was reading a corporate script and it said that word several times. In fact, it was said so many times that the script might as well have just read;
‘Tribunal, tribunal, tribunal and did I mention a tribunal?…. lets all go to a tribunal!!’
Recorded it and sent it back and got this email.
Hi Angela Hope you’re well. We’ve just had a listen to the files and I’m afraid it sounds like you’re mispronouncing one of the words.
Oh bollocks– not to worry these things happen. Read on.
Well I listened to it and then Bob and Trev listened to it, then the clients listened to it then the intern listened to it then the guy who empties the bins listened to it, we went to the canteen staff and they listened to it…. We had to put that on the intercom because it was noisy and full and nobody could hear.
God get to the point!
…..and we all agree ( you’re an idiot) that it sounds like you’re saying ‘TRIBUNRAL’
(thought this, luckily didn’t reply) And?……..Oh holy fuck!! All these years! No way!! Oh my God!!
Then a stroke of genius. I reply;
Hi Kirsty
…think it’s a Scotland thing we all say ’Tribunral’. Ha ha. Forgot you were English. Should have asked. Sorry, I’ll just nip and change it – 500 times!
Hi Angela – How you doing? Thanks for that. Have a lovely weekend. All the best KIRSTY MACDONALD ?

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