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No I in Team

'Excuse me I think you’ll find I’m a high powered business woman!'

'Excuse me I think you’ll find I’m a high powered business woman with a dedicated team relying on me for final company decision making' I say to my elderly relative when she asks me to get her more milk.

'Well get one of your team on it!' says the antique in the chair

'I’ll see what the runner has on, it might be an hour or so.'

I leave her watching Loose Women and go to the co-op even though I do have a dedicated team around me.
I have a manager. She’s a bitch never lets me have holidays.
I have a marketing manager, a bit gung-ho with the old google ads always over-spending on the budget, has a rocky relationship with finance.
I have an engineer on work experience (another bug bear of finance who has background noise issues and is concerned about the amount of money spent on outsourcing) the engineer is on YouTube a lot watching ‘how to’ videos!
‘Heeeey Brad here, welcome to our video on how to work your microphone, let’s start by opening the box, which is a kinda nice one it’s red and white and made of cardboard, great for recycling!’.
The office manager really should have checked the references for the office cleaner (the office is always mingin’).
The IT advisor is a waste of space 'turn it off and turn it back on again' and 'I'll Google it'
I’m a worried a bit about the Christmas night out even though it's only May. It’s my turn to organise it. It always causes ructions!
There’s no ‘I’ in team goes the old adage…..well there is in this one!

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