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A Wee Accident

It takes a long time to record an audiobook and it goes through a few processes before it reaches Amazon Audible.

There are many, many words and occasionally a narrator comes across a sentence or two that has repeated a word or has added one accidently, something the editor or proofreader has missed. So you check with the powers that be and you correct it.
Sometimes you come across words with double meanings…..or a word that is also used as a colloquialism and with a different meaning…This week's word…SKITTER.
‘The child skittered across the table reaching Fergus in a fraction of a second. At this glorious sight Fergus didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he held the boy tight..... Breathing in his scent.’
So, clearly, the writer was in the moment, the editor missed it, the proof reader missed it, the narrator didn’t miss it because she was saying it but didn’t want to be rude. Maybe the proof-listener will catch it.
...and hopefully the author won't give a shit!

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