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Home Office

What is it about working at home that people who go out to work or elderly relatives just cannot get to grips with?

I don't like to moan but.......

I go out to work two days a week and the rest of my working week is spent at home. Where the phone rings. Sometimes it's someone who wants to pay me or sometimes it's someone who just wants me.

Are you working today?


Oh I thought you were off on Wednesday?


But you were off on Wenesday last week.

No I wasn't

You were because I phoned you and asked you to go to the shop and get me some milk

That's because you were claiming you had no milk and were dying of dehydration so I went the the shop to get you more milk to add to the four pints that were already in your fridge.

Then there is the text;

Are you busy?


What are you doing?


Oh is it important?


Oh right I just thought I'd come over I need to borrow your......watering can, I'll be over in an hour.

Half an hour later.

Yoo hooo! Only me!

Then there is ;

What do you do?

I'm a voice artist and I teach drama part time.

How many days a week do you teach?


Must be great having all that time to yourself the rest of the week!


Can you be my emergency contact for little Precious

Ok (don't mind that once in a very blue moon).

Hello Angela, it's Mrs D here from school it's just to say I can't get hold of Mum and Little Precious is not feeling well again.

Can you check her for Hypochondria and ask her mum why she's hiding under the desk in her office ?.. Because that's the third time this week


I heard your voice on the TV today.

Did you?

That's brilliant, you didn't say you did that.

and finally....

What does your kids do Granny?

Oh one's head of a huge multi-national company, another's a lawyer in the biggest company in the universe, another runs the United International Head of Brain Surgeons, I've got another who is the top businessman of all time!

And what about Angela?

She's a part time drama teacher and she messes about recording herself the rest of the time.. I'm just going round to see her because she's off today!

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