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Multiple Personality Crisis

It's been a while but hopefully my crowd of adoring followers will be nawt but grateful for my return.

Several times recently, I have been asked to provide a character reel for jobs. Being a champion procrastinator, the task is always put off. Anyway, this week with a bit of free time I decided to get on with it. Luckily, just in the nick of time because I got a job with the sweariest animator who was dealing with the most awkward client.

Phone rings

Oh hi Angela? Fuck sorry, just dropped my fucking...earring...sorry 'scuse my language.

Oh there it is – fucker...Right so clients being a bastard, loves your voice just wants you to be a bit less...Scottish is that doable?

Well if that's what they want ....

Yeah arseholes, can't believe it, ask for a Scottish voice actor then ask them to be less Scottish duh! Tossers! Have you got a like list of different people you can do?

What do you mean like impersonations

I'm starting to think she needs Mike Yarwood!

Like a fuckin' y'know....voices

This is a corporate job? Don't normally do characters for that it's usually straight narration..

Look why don't you send me like a fucking...

Character reel? Do they know what that is?

Doubt it.

Ok...well I only finished it today. I don't know if it'll flick their switch will be very gratefully received.

An hour later. Ring Ring

Hi yeah listened to your reel, thought it was great...weird but yeah anyway, not what they're looking - they said guess fucking what? Just be fucking Scottish you.

Not sure I know who I am anymore!

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