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Granny Gamer!

The last few weeks have become a time of releases in the Scottish female voiceover world.

So I was sent an email a while ago from the team at Funbakers who chose me to be a voice on Silent Streets an outdoors interactive video game which you play from your phone whilst wandering your own streets picking up clues.

Looking at the artwork following my job offer I was amazed to discover that the character of Compass Rose bore a striking resemblance to the late Granny Ness, complete with fine bosom.

So I thought I'd give her a touch of the Granny Ness in her voice and add a little darkness for effect, it's a game after all. Compass Rose is the formidable Scottish landlady of the Inn at Snowport a creepy port in Victorian England. I waited for the email to tell me the game had been released and that I could download and play it when!

Hi Angela
Happy to let you know that Silent Streets Episode One featuring your work is out now on iOS.
Will really appreciate if you try the game and also ask your friends to download and rate it!
You can get the game here:

Excellent - how hard can it be? I'll just download it and take off! So off I went, a grown woman and her confused looking collie walking down by the river pointing her phone at things, trying to pick up clues and tripping up because she can't watch the phone point at things and see where she's going.

It's a popular spot for dog walkers along our part of the River Tay and so I was getting some funny looks as I searched for clues and a body. Suddenly out of nowhere a very pleasant looking couple stopped with a collie similar to our Peg, They startled me as I was sniffing round a tree.

Kindly gentle man: Have you lost something?
Me: Oh not really...
Kindly wife: Oh you looked like you were looking for something,
Me: Oh, I am I'm looking for a dead body.
Looking from one to the other
Kindly Gentle man:A body?
Me (as Taggart) : There's been a murder.
Kindly Gentleman: A murder?
Me: Yes I'm a Detective and there's been a murder a body is missing I have to find the clues and solve it.
Kindly Wife: Do you have someone taking care of you?
Me: Oh no sorry I was joking..its a game I'm playing a game of murder I've got to find the murderer....I'm actually my Granny!
Kindly gentleman: Alright we'll leave you to it
Kindly Wife: Have fun finding your murderer..
As they are walking away I hear.....
Kindly Wife: If she's still here when we come back we'll take here with us and call the police....
Kindly Gentleman: Lost in a fantasy world.

Oh for God's sake!!

Me : No! I was only......joking.

Right on with the game.....I've lost the plot I can't work it I don't know what to do next...and the dog walkers think I've escaped from a Victorian Lunatic Asylum!

I need to go out again but I can't go alone because people are talking.....Any offers of a gaming partner? ..Or two...or a team?!

Download the game here :

....and we'll go and hunt the murderer!

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