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Learning Curve

I promised myself I would keep up with this blog when I first started it almost a year into my voice artist career.

Part of the reason for my falling by the wayside is that I have been very busy having my eyes well and truly pinned open by some of the work I have had the immense privilege to have been a (small part) of in the last few weeks. I have been left humbled, bemused, amused and occasionally embarrassed (BBC Bitesize for eight year olds) . I have been left perplexed by and reminded that there are things I have never had an interest in never mind a passion for but I am thinking of doing an evening course as I discover that there is art in science and maths and vice versa!

Of all the things I've cringed and laughed at there have been more I have been left feeling educated and really unworthy of lending my voice to.

I have learned how medical professionals are trained to talk to victims of blood cancer. I have learned how to explain to a family that a life support system is about to be switched off in the most traumatising circumstances.

I have learned that drug addicts are victims of an illness and need to be supported and loved in the same way someone with a serious physical illness would need to be supported. Following that particular job I congratulated myself on managing to hold my own during a live recording and only weeping after I had thanked the producer and left the studio.

I have learned about maths. Well to be honest I haven't, maths is and will remain a mystery to me. I did try but I think that the number of mistakes and...

'errr sorry Angela it's long division not long devising'

.....I had to endure really was a testament to my absolute inability to count, divide and multiply but I'm a wee bit interested now!

My privilege over the past few weeks has been to provide a recording of the words that compassionate and caring people use to train like-minded professionals - at the end of one voice over my voice says;

The words you use today and your compassionate handling will be remembered for a long time to come.

I am really not worthy.

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