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Like a Virgin

A little bit late with the blog this week. I've had stuff goin'down. Y'know wot ah mean?

So the lovely people at Virgin Trains asked me to come back and do some more work for them. Woo Hoo! Hit the big time! I'm being asked back so I must be doing something right!

So it's nice and relaxing, I'm in my studio connected to them somewhere in Englandshire and two nicer people you could not...ever hope to meet. I always get a bit nervous before a voice-over session which is probably good, arrogance is not a good thing as my Mammy says 'pride comes before a fall'

I get songs stuck in my head when I'm nervous, usually related to whatever I'm doing at the time, so Virgin Trains, obviously, Like a Virgin. Madonna is spinning around in my head and I think probably noise is coming out of my mouth when when through my headphones comes;

'Morning Angela, how are you today?'

So we get on with the job when suddenly Bridget Jones in a Thai jail pops into my head, teaching the Thai prisoners to sing....Like a Wirshin, now Madonna, Bridget and the Thai girls are all singing and set up camp in my head until the very last line of the script. Talk about multi task. So I am now left to deliver the final line free from the singing. The line goes something like....Virgin trains...we can't do it without you.......

Can I just stop you Angela, you said Wirshin Trains....What? Did I? Sorry. Why did I say that? I'm all about the LOLs me.

Ok let's try again shall we?

Like a Wirshin ...Oh my God what am I saying? I'm so sorry!

It's fine, we still have time.

Ok I'll try to remember I'm not Madonna...the engineer coughs at the other end and I hear him mutter.......'or a wirshin'

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